Teacher Resources

When we are finished with an item and place it in the rubbish bin we often don’t think about where that item will end up or how long it will last in our environment. It might shock many people to know that all rubbish placed in garbage bins will end up at landfill and take anywhere from weeks to even hundreds of thousands of years to decompose (break down).

When waste materials decompose, they produce a liquid pollutant know as leachate and a pollutant gas know as methane. Methane is a gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide and contributes to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

To assist teachers in educating students on a wide range of waste related issues and alternative waste disposal options, Lithgow City Council has developed a ‘Teacher Resources’ tool kit specially designed to support waste minimisation education in schools.

Due to the ability (and tendency) of children to ‘take the information home with them’, supporting education within schools tends to assist with further educating members of the broader community, assisting in reducing waste to landfill and thus reducing the impacts of waste on our environment.


Lithgow City Council’s Recycling and Landfill Information Factsheets

Lithgow City Council’s School’s Project Database

Lithgow City Council’s ‘Waste Words’ Glossary Sheet